The Search for Taulmaril

Day 3


Sariel rejoins Theren and Alia, who realize they are one pass short. They return to Almastod after repaying his man in the front and are given another bounty. A barracks waypoint tower has been taken over. The three head to the tower unaccompanied. Upon reaching the tower they find that the door is broken. They walk in to find a swarm of goblins playing cards and a hobgoblin stationed by a gong. Theren takes a shot at the hobgoblin who then rings the gong. Alia and Sariel get behind the goblins and focus on the hobgoblin while Theren focuses on the goblins. Alia is knocked unconcious and soon after, so is Theren. A robot like creature comes from the silver finger in Alia’s pocket and kills almost all of the enemies before blocking Alia from the hobgoblin. Sariel stabalizes them both and revives Theren while attacking the hobgoblin. Once all the enemies are cleared the robotic creature disappears. Alia is revived and the three walk upstairs to find a room with a sagging floor. They must walk on the outskirts of the room while being attacked by 3 skeletons and 2 archer goblins + gas that takes points off of their damage. The enemies are killed and the three go up a ladder to find 3 more enemies which are killed which is where they find a hexor rod and leather robes. The end the night before heading up the final flight of stairs to the last room of the tower.



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