The Search for Taulmaril

Day 2


2 of the three (Aj: Theren, Alex: Alia) enter the bar and ask the bartender about quests for 2nd level clearance. A piece of parchment is then tacked up onto a board saying that there is a bounty to find Copper Knight and to talk to Almastod. The 2 find Almastod’s office and pay a man in the front room who reveals a door. Inside they find Almastod who tells them Copper Knight is supposed to be building a house in a mine but hasn’t checked in for a few weeks. The 2 accept the bounty and head to the mine with a guide with healing powers provided by Almastod. Once there they encounter enemies which they kill all but one of who jumped down a hole. They follow him down the hole and find him pinned under a piece of the ceiling. In the room is a stautue and more enemies, Theren shoots the statue making it fall and pin one of the enemies, the others are killed. The three enter another room that has even more enemies and a dragon. The guide is eaten by the dragon while the other 2 attack and kill the enemies. The dragon explodes and inside all that is left is a silver finger of the guides gauntlet. Inside a final room the find the dwarf Copper Knight and he follows them back to town after they loot all of the dead bodies and the dragon’s treasure. The door to Almastod’s office closes behind Copper Knight but in front of Theren and Alia. A message on the door reads “How many?” 2 is replied and Theren and Alia are awarded to 2nd level passes.



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