The Search for Taulmaril

Day 1


3 people (Aj:Theren Alex:Alia Cc:Sariel) enter in a cave to escape blistering hail. In the cave is a human and a dragonborn speaking of storm peace. After talking to the human the three are informed that he and the dragonborn are from enemy cities. He then disappeared. The three then talked to the dragonborn who confirmed the story and prayed before disappearing.
The three then explored the cave finding 3 rooms, one containing a chest with hobgoblin ruins on the walls, one containing a statue with a glowing sword, and one leading down a hallway with a tomb containing hobgoblins which were killed. A rod was found in the room with the chest that has a place for a stone on the top. That stone is a cat’s eye and is capable of destroying entire cities. The three believe that this is what the dragonborn and human were fighting over. As the three were leaving the cave an arrow was shot into the wall beside them with a map to the dragonborn and human cities. The 3 traveled to the human city and found they needed to reach the 3rd level to talk to the scribe about the cat’s eye. To get first level clearance they talked to a lord a little way out of town. They recieved the first level clearance and entered the city, sold what had been looted from the cave minus the sword and rod, and headed to the bar in search of a bounty to get 2nd level clearance.



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